New Year: Back in the Habit

Past Month:
Miles driven alone: 300
Miles on bike:
Miles onbus:
Miles carpooling: ~300
Weight loss: 3lbs

Total miles driven alone: 2,213
Total weight loss: 13.5lb

I know it’s been a month,
but the holidays, a stomach flu and the removal of my wisdom teeth
have sidelined me for a while. As such I’m taking a 300 mile
penalty for not keeping up.

So I’m a huge wuss! I’ve found that Ihave no motivation to bike under 40degrees.
So the bike will be stationed at work to get me to the Y to work out midday and around
town as needed. Until my southern bones heat up, I’m on the bus!
Please hurry back Spring!

It’s easy to forget that there are two sides to improving transportation. Here is the other:

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