Week Nine: Election Hangover

This week:

Miles driven alone: 174

Miles on bike: 15

Miles on bus: 15

Miles carpooling: 10

Weight loss this week:0lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,895

Total weight loss: 9lb

Still hovering at nine pounds. Not too bad!  People are starting to notice too, I have had several compliments in the past few days on looking slimmer.  So lesson learned: to save money, reduce the amount of time at the gym and to get slim: don’t drive alone!


The elections last week are what had me in my car for a couple hundred miles.  I went to Fayetteville to volunteer for a campaign.  And it was well worth it!  My guy won!  However, one thing that may not win is the high speed rail.


The new Republican controlled house is likely to shut off unspent stimulus money.  This means that some rail projects may not be completed.  Furthermore, some politicians are going directly at high speed rail.


It drives me crazy to see the amount of money that we spend on bailing out car companies and banks, the money we borrow to pay for decades long wars, the laws we pass to give tax shelters to individuals and companies that don’t need it.  However when it comes to investing in infrastructure to keep our country moving we stall.  We stall on public transit, we stall on rail, we stall on airport upgrades we even stall on simple things like synchronized stop lights to keep traffic moving faster.  How much longer can we let our transportation systems crumble?


Read more on the Republicans and high speed rail here: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/11/fate-high-speed-rail-uncertain.php?campaign=th_rss

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