Week 8: Two Months!

This week:

Miles driven alone: 14

Miles on bike: 0

Miles on bus: 27

Miles carpooling: ~200

Weight loss this week:2lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,721

Total weight loss: 9lbs


So the bike shop couldn’t find a new bottom bracket, so it’s off to another shop for repairs.  It’s very tempting when walking past that car every morning to just get in it and drive.

However, the bus is pretty great and it’s still nice not to have to deal with traffic down Hillsborough street.  In fact, the bus systems should start advertising how great it is to let someone else do the driving…I think that was a greyhound campaign years ago.


At any rate, today I have a link to the 2010-11 Capital Improvement document that the city of Raleigh has put out.  The most notable things: the grade separation of Blue Ridge Road at Hillsborough street in anticipation of the high speed rail.  How nice will it be to get rid of that stop light!  For anyone who has ever been stopped at the fairgrounds stop light with a train going by it can be a real headache.


Another project, the redesign of the Hillsborough and Western intersection.  In my life this intersection has been rejiggered twice, but it looks like they’re going for one more time.  Public input and city leaders have focused on more pedestrian friendly methods of getting around.  I can’t wait to see those plans.


Check it out, there’s plenty of plans for bike lanes and parking, upgraded sidewalks…plenty of projects around town to get anyone excited who bikes or walks for transportation or fun! http://www.raleighnc.gov/home/content/PubAffairs/Articles/BikePedestrianProjects.html

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