Week 7: All aboard

Miles driven alone: 633
Miles on bike: 5.5
Miles on bus: 8
Miles carpooling: ~50
Weigh loss this week: ~1lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,757
Total weight loss: 7lbs

Ugh, I always forget that bikes need maintenance too! I’m having my bottom bracket replaced so I’m on and off the bus for a few days. I guess my $324.xx will help off set that cost.

So about one pound a week…can’t argue with that!  Had to take a trip to Asheville this week.  No matter how much I try to get out of my car, there is something to be said about driving in the mountains in October.  Simply beautiful!

I understand the irony of enjoying nature from a highway.  However, the vistas were splendid.  Also, downtown Asheville and it’s great bars and people beckon me at every turn.  One day (as an aside  from what I could figure out, their public transit is pretty bare bones).

At any rate, Amtrak ridership is up.  That’s awesome!  And North Carolina is one of the leaders of the pack with a nearly 15% increase.  Good news as a mid-day Raleigh to Charlotte line has been added, and that high speed is on the way.  Check it out

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