Week Six: So Close

Miles Driven Alone this week: 33

Weight Lost: ~1

Total Miles Driven Alone: 1,124

Total Weigh Lost: 6lbs

So I was so close to not driving at all this week.  Then the airbag light in our around town car decided to come on and it needed to go to the Honda dealer; our regular mechanic downtown coudn’t work on it.  The dealer is in Cary (my only other choice is Capital Blvd, so what do I do). 

Any way, an unexpected day off pre-school allowed me and the little one to enjoy the day.  Bike ride to the post office (which was closed for Columbus day, oops!) and the park.  After lunch: bus ride to downtown.  I guess it’s good that the bus isn’t such a big deal to the little guy anymore…just another way to get around, but I still get excited about riding it.  Maybe he was just being cool when he climbed on board took a seat and looked forward.  I on the other hand ran onboard and climbed into a seat and jumped up and down the whole time.  Dad’s can be so embarassing!
The bike needs a new bottom bracket I found out.  I guess my $324 in savings for riding to work will come in handy now.

In the Alt Transportation front: a lot more people are biking to work.  Raleigh increased by over 100%!  Check it out:http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/10/more-people-biking-to-work/

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2 Responses to Week Six: So Close

  1. Ang says:

    This is all very interesting

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