Week 5: Tour of NC

Miles driven alone this week: 633
Weight loss this week: 2lb

Total miles driven alone: 1,091
Total weight loss: 5lbs

Work took me on quite a tour this week. On Wednesday I enjoyed driving down to Clinton, and then back to Raleigh, then Winston and finally Asheville. Luckily I was able to give a ride to some folks from Raleigh to Winston, so that shaved 100 miles off my alone time in the car. Other than that, my ass hurt for driving from Raleigh to Clinton to Asheville. Look on a map. That’s far!

Yesterday involved a trip to Durham to meet friends after beerfest, chalk up another 25 or so…but they all needed a ride home so that worked out!

The good news is on the way back I was able to get some good brew from the Olde Hickory brewery, ESB is gone, Octoberfest it’s on it’s way to gone after some football action today.

So after a month of this I seem to have it figured out. I can totally do this. I think I’ll begin looking for interesting stuff to pass along as I go through my journey. First off: super sweet bicycle porn: Cycle EXIF displays beauties and helps you dream for a bike you never afford, but will always want to ride. My favorite at this point: http://www.cycleexif.com/keith-anderson-custom oooooooh!

I don’t even know if have the clothes or attitude to ride that beast!

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