Week Three: Fighting a cold and going to the end of the earth

Miles driven alone this week: 33 (thanks Briar Creek)
Weight lost this week: 0lb (thanks cold and going out drinking)

Total miles driven alone: 273
Total weigh loss: 1lb

So we’re in the process of swim lessons for our little one, every Saturday at 10 am. As I approach the seventh day a of a pretty nasty chest cold, I thought that pulling the bike trailer for 3.5 miles would be a stretch, so I looked at the bus schedule. While the bus went where I needed to go, it only did so an hour before or a half hour after I needed to be at the Y. Luckily we caught a ride with mom who needed to go to the grocery. However, I can only imagine the incredible inconvenience that folks who don’t have the choices I do and need to get around on Saturdays must go through.

Moving on, everything else this week was normal. Bike to and from work every day except Tuesday. I had dropped off our game system to be repaired while out at Briar Creek. I figured I’d just hit the bus during lunch one day to pick it up.

Well, that didn’t turn out to be true. The bus only runs in the mornings and afternoons as an express. There is no actual way to get from Downtown where I work to Briar Creek during the middle of the day. So I had to drive. Oh, and Tuesday was international car free day. Good grief!

Oh well, rain in the forecast for a couple of days this week, as well as travel for work three days. Let’s see what I can figure out!

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2 Responses to Week Three: Fighting a cold and going to the end of the earth

  1. D says:

    Don’t be scurred of the rain, fool! REI sells some sweet jackets.

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