Week One and Two: Needs Improvement

Miles driven in a car alone: 240
Weight loss: 1lb

Total miles driven in a car lone: 240
Total Weight loss: 1lb

OK, so the numbers don’t speak so well for me. I had two work events that took me 240 miles in a car alone. Here’s the kicker, I could have totally avoided it.

First, a trip to Wallace for a work dinner was 180 miles round trip. What should happen when I step out of the car: two co-workers enter the building. Granted they work in Greensboro so I didn’t know they were coming, but I could have sent out a work wide email to see who else was attending. Of course their first comment was: “We could have picked you up!”

Second was just laziness. I had an event in Durham that would have taken two hours total transit time…it involved two bus changes from my office. Taken into account traffic, I drove for an hour and a half. So for fifteen minutes more each way I could have left the car at home.

However, there was progress. I rode my bike to work everyday, except for Monday, a cold put me in bed all day. Tuesday I threw my bike on the bus because I’m still a little under the weather, and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow.

Outside of that, I took two bike trips to the grocery and I found reasons/excuses to not run other errands. I combined errands on the days I did drive…Now I just have to figure out how to transport my dry-cleaning on a bike!

Until next week.

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