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Well, after five months I’m switching to twitter. To let you all know, in that time I’ve actually only driven alone less than 2,000 miles. Pretty good I should say! Be sure to follow me @alttransraleigh

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New Year: Back in the Habit

Past Month:
Miles driven alone: 300
Miles on bike:
Miles onbus:
Miles carpooling: ~300
Weight loss: 3lbs

Total miles driven alone: 2,213
Total weight loss: 13.5lb

I know it’s been a month,
but the holidays, a stomach flu and the removal of my wisdom teeth
have sidelined me for a while. As such I’m taking a 300 mile
penalty for not keeping up.

So I’m a huge wuss! I’ve found that Ihave no motivation to bike under 40degrees.
So the bike will be stationed at work to get me to the Y to work out midday and around
town as needed. Until my southern bones heat up, I’m on the bus!
Please hurry back Spring!

It’s easy to forget that there are two sides to improving transportation. Here is the other:

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Week Nine: Election Hangover

This week:

Miles driven alone: 174

Miles on bike: 15

Miles on bus: 15

Miles carpooling: 10

Weight loss this week:0lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,895

Total weight loss: 9lb

Still hovering at nine pounds. Not too bad!  People are starting to notice too, I have had several compliments in the past few days on looking slimmer.  So lesson learned: to save money, reduce the amount of time at the gym and to get slim: don’t drive alone!


The elections last week are what had me in my car for a couple hundred miles.  I went to Fayetteville to volunteer for a campaign.  And it was well worth it!  My guy won!  However, one thing that may not win is the high speed rail.


The new Republican controlled house is likely to shut off unspent stimulus money.  This means that some rail projects may not be completed.  Furthermore, some politicians are going directly at high speed rail.


It drives me crazy to see the amount of money that we spend on bailing out car companies and banks, the money we borrow to pay for decades long wars, the laws we pass to give tax shelters to individuals and companies that don’t need it.  However when it comes to investing in infrastructure to keep our country moving we stall.  We stall on public transit, we stall on rail, we stall on airport upgrades we even stall on simple things like synchronized stop lights to keep traffic moving faster.  How much longer can we let our transportation systems crumble?


Read more on the Republicans and high speed rail here:

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Week 8: Two Months!

This week:

Miles driven alone: 14

Miles on bike: 0

Miles on bus: 27

Miles carpooling: ~200

Weight loss this week:2lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,721

Total weight loss: 9lbs


So the bike shop couldn’t find a new bottom bracket, so it’s off to another shop for repairs.  It’s very tempting when walking past that car every morning to just get in it and drive.

However, the bus is pretty great and it’s still nice not to have to deal with traffic down Hillsborough street.  In fact, the bus systems should start advertising how great it is to let someone else do the driving…I think that was a greyhound campaign years ago.


At any rate, today I have a link to the 2010-11 Capital Improvement document that the city of Raleigh has put out.  The most notable things: the grade separation of Blue Ridge Road at Hillsborough street in anticipation of the high speed rail.  How nice will it be to get rid of that stop light!  For anyone who has ever been stopped at the fairgrounds stop light with a train going by it can be a real headache.


Another project, the redesign of the Hillsborough and Western intersection.  In my life this intersection has been rejiggered twice, but it looks like they’re going for one more time.  Public input and city leaders have focused on more pedestrian friendly methods of getting around.  I can’t wait to see those plans.


Check it out, there’s plenty of plans for bike lanes and parking, upgraded sidewalks…plenty of projects around town to get anyone excited who bikes or walks for transportation or fun!

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Week 7: All aboard

Miles driven alone: 633
Miles on bike: 5.5
Miles on bus: 8
Miles carpooling: ~50
Weigh loss this week: ~1lbs

Total miles driven alone: 1,757
Total weight loss: 7lbs

Ugh, I always forget that bikes need maintenance too! I’m having my bottom bracket replaced so I’m on and off the bus for a few days. I guess my $324.xx will help off set that cost.

So about one pound a week…can’t argue with that!  Had to take a trip to Asheville this week.  No matter how much I try to get out of my car, there is something to be said about driving in the mountains in October.  Simply beautiful!

I understand the irony of enjoying nature from a highway.  However, the vistas were splendid.  Also, downtown Asheville and it’s great bars and people beckon me at every turn.  One day (as an aside  from what I could figure out, their public transit is pretty bare bones).

At any rate, Amtrak ridership is up.  That’s awesome!  And North Carolina is one of the leaders of the pack with a nearly 15% increase.  Good news as a mid-day Raleigh to Charlotte line has been added, and that high speed is on the way.  Check it out 

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Week Six: So Close

Miles Driven Alone this week: 33

Weight Lost: ~1

Total Miles Driven Alone: 1,124

Total Weigh Lost: 6lbs

So I was so close to not driving at all this week.  Then the airbag light in our around town car decided to come on and it needed to go to the Honda dealer; our regular mechanic downtown coudn’t work on it.  The dealer is in Cary (my only other choice is Capital Blvd, so what do I do). 

Any way, an unexpected day off pre-school allowed me and the little one to enjoy the day.  Bike ride to the post office (which was closed for Columbus day, oops!) and the park.  After lunch: bus ride to downtown.  I guess it’s good that the bus isn’t such a big deal to the little guy anymore…just another way to get around, but I still get excited about riding it.  Maybe he was just being cool when he climbed on board took a seat and looked forward.  I on the other hand ran onboard and climbed into a seat and jumped up and down the whole time.  Dad’s can be so embarassing!
The bike needs a new bottom bracket I found out.  I guess my $324 in savings for riding to work will come in handy now.

In the Alt Transportation front: a lot more people are biking to work.  Raleigh increased by over 100%!  Check it out:

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Week 5: Tour of NC

Miles driven alone this week: 633
Weight loss this week: 2lb

Total miles driven alone: 1,091
Total weight loss: 5lbs

Work took me on quite a tour this week. On Wednesday I enjoyed driving down to Clinton, and then back to Raleigh, then Winston and finally Asheville. Luckily I was able to give a ride to some folks from Raleigh to Winston, so that shaved 100 miles off my alone time in the car. Other than that, my ass hurt for driving from Raleigh to Clinton to Asheville. Look on a map. That’s far!

Yesterday involved a trip to Durham to meet friends after beerfest, chalk up another 25 or so…but they all needed a ride home so that worked out!

The good news is on the way back I was able to get some good brew from the Olde Hickory brewery, ESB is gone, Octoberfest it’s on it’s way to gone after some football action today.

So after a month of this I seem to have it figured out. I can totally do this. I think I’ll begin looking for interesting stuff to pass along as I go through my journey. First off: super sweet bicycle porn: Cycle EXIF displays beauties and helps you dream for a bike you never afford, but will always want to ride. My favorite at this point: oooooooh!

I don’t even know if have the clothes or attitude to ride that beast!

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